Jan 30 2008

The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Diets

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People will do almost anything to lose weight. While the most logical, sustainable means of doing so hasn’t really changed — eat less and exercise every day it seems there are a host of new and outlandish methods to lose those love handles. Digg points us to the article on DivineCaroline, that describes ten deceitful diets.

Speaking from experience, there is no easy way to loose pounds. Just forget it, it will never happen. Sure, you may get a “magic pill” to burn all those extra inches of fat, but the problem is – once you stop eating those pills, the weight is back. And – in full force. So the only proper way to get rid of your overweight is to go natural.

Start today, while it is still January. By the dating/mating season (April-May) you will be able to achieve a presentable shape.

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Jan 30 2008

5 Worst Online Dating Video Profiles

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These days, striking out with the opposite sex is as simple as buying a webcam and “being yourself.” Thanks to Digg, where we found this beautiful story.

The commentaries are pretty obvious. This is just to illustrate that you should get creative in your dating behavior. Just don’t forget that you may end up on Esquire web page – and it ain’t going to be a good rap.

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Jan 24 2008

Whoa, that was close!

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Fat, Naked, Dangerous - DontDateGuy.com blogSorry guys, our web site just went down for almost half-hour. Looks like we haven’t allocated enough bandwidth for it, so the server has notified our good friends at Zealus Web Design that we have overstayed our welcome. Thanks to same good friends at Zealus – they persuaded the server to give us some more time!

On a same note, I’d like to make a little announcement. While we will continue to impress you with dating advice you can’t find anywhere else, we still need to make a couple of green paper presidents to maintain status quo. While I am NOT asking you to click on the only two advertising banners we have (see how good we are – we know you hate those ads), I would go ahead and give you something. That’s right, instead of asking – we are giving!

Within week we will post a donation button for this web site. Anyone donated any amount (no matter how large or small) will receive a copy of Dating Advice – 9 Dating Basics. That’s right, we’ve got four more chapters to this never-ending story all packed and ready to go.

Those of you who are, thanks to oncoming Valentine’s Day, short of money will not be left out! You will be able to receive a complementary (that means – FREE!) version of same eBook, called Dating Advice – 7 Dating Basics. Hey, we needed to give the paying folks something extra, right?

Think that’s all? You ain’t seen nothing yet! For specially generous donation (somewhere around $50 and up, depending on how generous you all are) we will review your personal photo for you! What the heck does this mean? Let me elaborate.

Valentine’s Day, while hyped as the most romantic holiday ever, is actually the worst! Most couples break up either on Valentine’s Day or right after (have you ever though that Valentine’s Day abbreviates to a VD, which means quite opposite?) And break ups occur because we, guys, give them, girls, lousy presents. By the way, stay tuned for a special section on our blog about gifts and presents – just in time for holidays.

So what’s the story with photo? Oh, that’s simple. You send us that special picture that you plan to use on the dating web site or in that e-mail to a girl you are tryiing to get. We review it and tell you why it suck (or what could be improved). Best submissions will be (with your permission, of course) featured on this web site. Oh, and don’t try to be funny! Our local cops told me they can establish identity by picture of almost any human organ, so keep that organ for a real deal. Be a man, don’t act like a kid.

SPECIAL PROMOTION for LADIES ONLY! We will review your picture absolutely free. But that’s not all. On the recent dating spree I personally befriended a very beautiful and oh-so professional make-up artist. If you be kind (and we know you will be – I can’t disappoint this girl on Valentine’s Day, right?) she will share tips and advice as to how to present yourself better, fix your make-up mistakes and give you personalized dating advice.

Wrapping up – stay tuned, get your hair and nails done (guys, you too!), and prepare to send in your pictures. We’re up for a lot of fun this year, we just have to share it all!

Jan 21 2008

Availability of Unavailable

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Girl in a hot car - Dont Date Guy bogYou hook up with this great guy or gal. You exchange your phone numbers, you called each other couple of times. You set up a date. Ten minutes before the Hour H he called and said he has an emergency meeting. Or she called and said her mom got sick. You reschedule for tomorrow.

Tomorrow you get yourself ready, but 15 minutes before date he calls and says there’s an emergency at work and he needs to be there ASAP. Or she calls and says that her best friend got into car accident and she has to be there for her. You reschedule for next week.

Next week… well, you’ve got the idea. You are puzzled, because you still haven’t been on a single date with the person, so why all the avoidance? The answer is simple – the person you are trying to date is unavailable and this is exactly how such unavailability looks like in real life. The person could be married, or have a full-time girlfriend, or engaged, or… well, whatever. Point is – they play this game for either of two reasons: a) they need some excitement, and b) they want to see other people but can’t. Mainly because their other half wouldn’t let them.

Getting stood up because your date isn’t honest with you isn’t a pretty sight. Some ladies suggest that you keep couple of opportunities open for any night. If one of them failed, you can always roll back to another. Since you are not into anything serious yet, there is a high chance it will make sense. Also, there is nothing wrong with this, since this will boost your self-esteem and will just make you feel good.

Of course, if you really like the person, you’ve been on more then three dates with him or her and really want to show it – you wouldn’t do anything like this. On the contrary, offer your help, a lift to a place or a hand to help. Never worked for me though, but you may just be a little luckier.

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