What’s With The Car, Dude?

Girl and the Car The previous post (Dating in Pictures) has generated the feedback that wasn’t quite expected. As you can see there are little comments there, but boy, you had to see those e-mails!

Generally I can’t judge your photos, since I am a guy and the picture of you without your shirt can generate interest only if you’re a woman with at least D-size breasts. Otherwise – I have no idea how attractive you look. On the other hand, if you look dumb – showing off that size 56 belly – I’ll be sure to let you know.

A lot of people missed a very important point of the previous post – DON’T MAKE PICTURES WITH YOU AND YOUR CAR. 90% of women will consider you either an asshole or an easy money. Either way you loose. Remember – girl look good with the car, guys look good with girls. Don’t confuse yourself there.

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5 comments on “What’s With The Car, Dude?
  1. CupidsReviews Heidi says:

    Good point there! It can’t be said enough as a lot of guys still seem to get this confused for some reason.

  2. sara says:

    I have a comment on “guys look good with girls”. Guys CAN look good with girls but it depends. If the guy is surrounded by a bunch of bimbos in bikinis and he is touching someones ass, he will look like a playboy. If he’s with his mom he will look like a mama’s boy. Standing with a few pretty girls that look like they are just friends is ok. Actually it is good because it shows other girls like him, so you might too. But no prospective girlfriend wants to see the sappy romantic photo of him and his ex. That is a big turn OFF. and guys if you have a 6-pack yeh take your shirt off. but if you have a keg then keep the shirt on, PLEASE.

  3. DD-Guy says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, very good point. Actually, that’s a good idea for a new post, stay tuned 🙂

  4. Pussy says:

    nice point.then tell me why girls look good with cars? especially nude and sexy girl?and why the boys look good with girls?
    explain the eternal reasons!!

  5. DD-Guy says:

    Right, like that’s going to happen 🙂