Must Read

Man and Woman Hi,
I am a guy. Of course I have a name (both, actually, first and last names, thanks to my parents), but the reason why I withdrew them is because I could be anybody. You. Or you. Or that fat guy eating his third cheeseburger. Or that girl who starved herself to be so skinny that sometimes men find their penises to be larger then her. I could be anybody, but for a truth’s sake I am telling you that I am a guy.

What is this blog about? Certainly, it’s about you. Yes, you – the reader! If this would be about me – who would care? Do you care about that fat guy with cheeseburger and giant, size of an Olympic-pool cup of Pepsi? Or about that skinny girl with no ass, no tits, apparently no brains and most likely no future? Of course not – we all care about ourselves. So this blog is about the person you care the most – it is about you. How to make better, smarter, funnier, sexier you.

Just because I am a guy – I’ll devote more attention to guys. How to get that girl you always wanted. How to tell her that her breasts make your pants two sizes too small and her ass… well, you got the idea. But it doesn’t mean that girls would feel lonely – they’ll get their share of fun too. Want to know why he’s being an asshole? I’ll tell ya. Why he isn’t calling? I know. What’s he been thinking? Read on.

Don’t hesitate to comment or ask stupid questions. Don’t worry if I will laugh at them – learn how to take criticism and move on. Don’t let me get under your skin. But – let me build your self confidence, so that the next time you see that totally hot chick at the store/line/library/museum – you would not be afraid to approach.

Let’s talk about you. Let’s solve your problems. Let’s build you a better life. Let’s move on.