Feb 03 2008

More Announcements

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The eBook on how to avoid dating mistakes is almost ready. But before I will offer it to the general public, it needs to be proofread, so give me some more time on that.

Starting today we open a new category of posts in our blog – memoirs. We didn’t really think about this for long, since people who we talk to on a regular basis supply a constant stream of these stories. So, for your entertainment and pleasure, or for contemplation and awareness (whichever comes first) we present you the new section of our web sitememoirs.

Stay tuned, more to come!

Jan 02 2008

Hello, world!

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Welcome to the blog of DontDateGuy. First things first – read what you MUST READ! Then come back and ask your questions!

P.S. Why do they always miss that comma in “Hello, world” sentence?